New face of Russian Fashion: Ulyana Sergeenko

I am soooo excited (and when I say ‘excited’, I mean literally jumping around with my ipad, showing everyone who is remotely interested or simply too nice to tell me to fu** off) to show the pictures of a Russian fashion show in Paris! The creator is Ulyana Sergeenko and her show in Théâtre Marigny was an instant hit. Inspired both by Russian Empire and Soviet Union times, Ulyana has created a défilé of very different but equally beautifully images. Strong and fragile at the same time, very feminine, simple and chic. Definitely, a new look for Russian fashion. Talented and beautiful, she has it all.

What do you think about Ulyana Sergeenko’s collection, isn’t it gorgeous? Watch the video on her website:

photos taken from and Ulyana Sergeenko FB page

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7 responses to “New face of Russian Fashion: Ulyana Sergeenko”

  1. Kotyonok says :

    Love this ! And love your scarf 😉

  2. Liya says :

    Happy blogging, Mme Sashaparis. Looking fwd to reading this. An excellent way to start!

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