Vika Gazinskaya: mixing baroque with sports

I am still trying to decide whether I love or not Vika Gazinskaya’s autumn-winter 2012-2013 collection. The fabrics are rich and beautiful, but the silhouettes are not always flattering. Mirosalva Duma looks gorgeous though.

I would definitely wear the look Vika herself is sporting in Tuileries. What would you wear? (for those of you who wonder – the collection will be available exclusively on and

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7 responses to “Vika Gazinskaya: mixing baroque with sports”

  1. Kotyonok says :

    J’adore ca me fait penser aux étoles et foulards qui sont sur Comtesse Sofia (Russian Scarves)

  2. Liya says :

    I think the combination of styles works very well. The silhouettes are too peculiar for my taste, but I’m certainly planning on recycling some of the ideas. That is, once I find a jacquard skirt that’s to my taste.:)

  3. Sterling Silver Toe Ring says :

    Nice post but I’m not sure that I agree. Then again, people consider me difficult at the best of times! Thanks a lot.

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