Erté: the Russian who captured Art Deco in fashion designs

For those of you who think that Russian fashion started with Ulyana Sergeenko – you are wrong! Ok, ok, I know none of you is thinking that, but I wanted to be dramatic! 🙂

In fact, one of my favorite periods in art and fashion was illustrated by Russian artist and fashion designer who worked with Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Metro-Goldwin-Meyer studios and french cabarets. His name is Romain de Tirtoff, although you probably know him under his pseudonym Erté. I find his works endlessly elegant and inspiring.

Can’t you just see these perfect women on the streets of New York and Paris during les années folles? 


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6 responses to “Erté: the Russian who captured Art Deco in fashion designs”

  1. Fxr says :

    In love with this !

  2. interiorapartment says :

    these are so dam beautiful. wow fantastic post! I completely adore your blog… thanks for putting a smile on my face this evening….xxx Cat

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