Dark Shadows, King Arthur and Russian jewelry: Eva Green and Elena Okutova

eva green white

eva green white2

Isn’t Eva Green magnificent? I wonder if you noticed her bijoux (although, honestly, they are hard to miss). The rings are actually designed by another Russian jeweler – Elena Okutova. She designs pieces inspired by a romantic idea of the Middle Age, the one with fair maidens and knights in shining armor. Her jewelry is already greatly appreciated in Russia and now it seems that Eva Green can’t get enough of Elena Okutova’s rings.

I love how the rings feel magical, like they could have belonged to a sorceress or a fairy. I think, I am not the only one to have that feeling, since Eva Green wore one of her Okutova rings as Morgan on the Camelot series.

Eva Green Camelot ring

eva green camelot ring

And the drawings she makes of her rings are almost as beautiful as the rings themselves! I love everything that has to do with King Arthur and Merlin and I am looking forward to seeing the Camelot series. Eva Green is gorgeous, but I doubt she will replace Helena Bonham Carter as my favorite Morgan of all times 🙂

photos taken from Elena Okutova FB page and http://evagreenweb.com/

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