A la russe by Anastasiya Romantsova

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a la russe fashion
russian fashion a la russe
fashion russian a la russe
fashion a la russe russian

I try to post about Russian fashion designers that I personally find interesting. But sometimes, I am not sure whether I like the style or not. This is the case with A la Russe: a label that exploits Russian theme to the fullest starting with the name. If this by any chance is not enough to persuade you that the brand is Russian, they add: by Anastasiya Romantsova. The pictures above are from their aw2012-2013 collection and I am not a fan. However, the brand has devoted followers in Russia. So what do you think: do you like or not?


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3 responses to “A la russe by Anastasiya Romantsova”

  1. Kotyonok says :

    I think that it’s always more rich in inspiration when culture are mixed. For example, an american doing fashion in Italy or an italian in NYC etc… May be she should move to Paris.
    Remenber when i showed you http://www.comtesse-sofia.com ? It s Russian, yes, but with a french taste and twist.
    Keep up the good work, there is something happening in the ex-USSR.

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