Buro 24/7 Goes International!

Here they are: crème de la crème russe on the Buro 24/7 celebration!
Buro24/7 Mirela-Forich-Elena-Perminova-Roushka-Bergman-Miroslava-Duma-Olga-Tompson-Uliana-Sergienko-Yasmin Sevell

Mirela Forich, Elena Perminova, Roushka Bergman, Miroslava Duma, Olga Tompson, Uliana Sergienko, Yasmin Sevell

Wildly popular fashion blog goes international: numerous followers can read buro24/7 in English, Arabic and others languages! Fashion weeks, updates “à la mode”, original shootings, cultural overviews and “hot” gossips are the specialities of this web-magazine haut couture!

Bruno24/7 Goes International!
Buro 24/7 goes international

A few hundred celebrities visited that night a loud “soiré”.

Andrey Barteniev
Fabulous Andrey Barteniev at Buro24/7 party
Natalia Ionova
Bright Natalia Ionova
Emin Agalarov
Handsome Emin Agalarov
Svetlana Bondarchuk
Svetlana Bondarchuk at Buro24/7 party
Renata Litvinova
Enigmatic Renata Litvinova

Château de Fantomas new opened in Moscow by Snezhana Georgieva welcomed stylish guests and amazing Graces Jones.

Graces Jones
Graces Jones
Graces Jones Buro24/7
Graces Jones Buro24/7
Graces Jones
Graces Jones “burning” the party!
Snezhana Georgieva
Snezhana Georgieva “welcoming” Buro24/7’s guests
Miroslava Duma
Gorgeous Mira Duma
Ksenia Sobchak- Sergienko- Elena Perminova.jpg
Glamourous Ksenia Sobchak, Uliana Sergienko and Elena Perminova

Buro24/7 good luck!
And lot of thanx for the photos http://buro247.ru/events/photo-reports/11169.html


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3 responses to “Buro 24/7 Goes International!”

  1. nice & calm says :

    Sobchak and Litvinova in the same space at the same time? Was there a fight?

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