Getting cold here, scarves for everyone!

As the autumn wind from Seine is getting more and more vicious i reach out for my favorite scarf

russian scarf red
comtesse sofia

…following the Russian style “guru” Ulyana Sergeenko!
“I love head scarves and i’m really getting a craving to wear them out more, but people might not understand and might mistake me for a crazy. But that’s never stopped me before”. I have to agree with Ulyana!
ulyana scarf

ulyana sergeenko scarf
ulyana sergeenko

Russian women have a long history with scarves. Traditionally they wear them on their heads, but also wrapped around shoulders as a shawl or around neck in a more modern look. Silk or wool, big brands or traditional manufacture – all scarves have their place and all of them are beautiful.

vika gazinskaya russian scarf
vika gazinskaya
mary kuzmenkova scarf
mary kuzmenkova
ulyana scarves
more ulyana and her scarves
head scarf
someone beautiful i found on pinterest
mira duma and elena perminova
mira duma and lena perminova
dolce and gabbana russian scarf
model and dolce and gabbana backstage

By the way, this scarf, black with green and red is the most popular and traditional in Russia. I am not sure it’s my favorite though, i prefer brighter colors and bigger size.

Claudia Schiffer scarf
Claudia Schiffer

Claudia is wearing kenzo scarf inspired by russian scarves.
hermes scarf
A beautiful Hermes scarf. I love this ad.

sarah jessika parker scarf
Sarah Jessika Parker

This is not the best shot of SJP, but i love how she wears a huge red flowery scarf with a brutal perfecto. Here is a similar look:

comtesse sofia red scarf
comtesse sofia russian scarf
And last but not least: men also look gorgeous when they dare a scarf:
David Beckham
David Beckham

And a big round of applause to Bill Murray for style and sense of humour
Bill Murray scarf
Bill Murray

Stay warm even when it is cold outside;)

thank you for photos:,,,,,, many great users on 

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