From space to Earth…

that’s how Andrey Yarden describes his works.

Andrey Yarden

Andrey Yarden

Andrey is a new russian fashion jewelry designer who wants to change the usual idea of what jewelry should look like.

Andrey Yarden

He graduated from Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys, and participated in A ndrey Bartenev’s projects. A little later he launched his own jewelry collection: unique pieces from the most different materials, starting from the semiprecious stones and even to meteorite splinters.

Andrey Yarden Neuromantic Spring 2010
Andrey Yarden Neuromantic Spring 2010

14 grams of Space

Bracelet  Andrey Yarden
Bracelet Yarden collection

Bracelet: leather.
Buckle: alloy of tin / silver.
Center: a piece of the meteorite (Sikhote-Alin, 1947).

«Romantic» ring
“The history of this ring is very romantic. Stones I bought in the Indian city of Agra, where the Taj Mahal is located. Themselves rings were manufactured in Rishikesh, on the border with Nepal. For me it is the beginning of story – a kind of a fairytale about the search of Shambhala… Tibetan mythical country”.

Andrey Yarden for
Ring Andrey Yarden
Andrey Yarden – Silver ring with garnet inlay
Suspension Andrey Yarden
Suspension: silver, black metal, pure quartz
Andrey Yarden Fire Birds Summer 2010
Andrey Yarden Fire Birds Summer serie

People say that Adrey Yarden is a favourite of CocoRosie and Rick Genest!

Zombie boy Rick Genest

If  you are interested in this unusual jewelry – apparently Andrey does unique pieces made to order.

Andrey Yarden Lookbook

thank you for photos andrey yarden facebook page,,

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