Place for a new face…. Mercedes-Benz Russian Fashion Week

Any surprises? Nope… It`s evident that I`d like to speak about Russian Fashion Week…actually about the first part finished just a few days ago.

Mercedes-Benz Russian Fashion Week

More than 50 designers from Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States showed
their spring 2013 collections during the 25th Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow.
I always wonder why do they name fashion week after a car, and shouldn’t Russian be called Volga fashion week?
Anyway, here are some new names from RFW:

Fashion Designer Dasha Gauser
Russian fashion designer Dasha Gauser and her latest collection «écorché» at Mercedes-Benz Fashion
Week Russia Spring-Summer 2013

Dasha Gauser collection
Dasha Gauser collection

Maroussia Zaitseva
Granddaughter of a famous designer is trying to find her place in fashion industry… Good luck!

Maroussia Zaitseva collection
Maroussia Zaitseva collection
Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Elena Souproun has shown her summer-spring collection «Boom» in honour of movie 1968 with Elizabeth
Tailor. Strong, powerful and rich heroin gave the caracter to Elena`s look. So the designer invited
celebrities to present her elegant clothes.

Kristina Orbakaite for Elene Souproun collection
Kristina Orbakaite for Elene Souproun collection
Alexandra Savelieva for Elena Souproun collection
Alexandra Savelieva for Elena Souproun collection

The MuscoviteS by Masha Kravtsova
It was send that there`s something Mcqeen style in her new collection…up to you agree or not 🙂

Muscovites by Masha Kravtsova
Muscovites by Masha Kravtsova

“Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia — provides fashion breakthrough which is so important for our
country. Today, when the professional level of Russian artists can be compared with the skills of
best western designers, it is necessary to go forward, solving the development problems of Russian
fashion industry”.
Tatiana Mikhalkova, President of  the Charity Fund “RUSSIAN SILHOUETTE”

“There was 70 years of nothing at all in our country, and then, when people got huge money from oil,
there was huge interest in fashion”, the fashion writer Miroslava Duma said.

Thank you so much for your generosity 🙂

Nice week to you 😉


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