Mira Duma, Hanneli Mustaparta and Elin Kling for Louis Vuitton, Paris

Mira Duma, Hanneli Mustaparta and Elin Kling for Louis Vuitton

Mira Duma for Louis Vuitton
Yes, living on Ile Saint Louis in Paris has its perks. I bought an ice cream for Bruce Willis last month when they were shooting RED-2 on our little island, dined next to JP Gaultier and saw Claudia Cardinale smoking outside our favorite cafe just last weekend. However, i always miss fashion shootings! So when i saw this campaign i was ‘biting my elbows’ as they say, because they were shooting on Pont Louis Philippe, the bridge just next to our apartment! I adore Mira Duma and it would have been fantastic to meet her in person!
mira duma for louis vuitton
Mira for Louis Vuitton on Ile Saint Louis
Hanneli Mustaparta for Louis Vuitton
Hanelli Mustaparta and Elin Kling on Louis Philippe bridge
elin kling louis vuitton
mira duma cold in paris
Look how she tries to keep warm! I’m telling you, the sun shines but it does not heat! Anyway, the campaign is has a very candy-fun-spring-young flavor and I think Mira Duma was a great choice. I discovered Hanneli Mustaparta in this campaign and I thinks she is adorable as well.
here’s the video of the ad, you can watch it on youtube.

thank you for pictures:www.hanneli.com, buro 24/7, tatler.ru


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