Comtesse Sofia russian scarves

Comtesse Sofia, “Icon of the scarves à la russe”.

Today, I`d be happy to share one of my little secrets with you. As many of you, I am a big fan of big scarves, and I definitely found my favorite. You might have already heard about it… Comtesse Sofia. If not, I let you discover…


Why this scarf is special for me? Because it makes me special when I wear it! I keep a fond memory of Russia and am always proud to show my colors with this scarf a la russe.


I was always kind of afraid of wearing too colorful clothes. But a huge scarf adds a burst of color that I can wear easily over a simple dress or jeans and shirt.
The red one is perfect for special occasions, it is impossible to pass unnoticed!!!


purple scarf marquise


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2 responses to “Comtesse Sofia russian scarves”

  1. Vuesurtoits says :

    Indeed, this brand of shawl is so hot right now in Paris, that others are getting jealous !
    Black dress and an a la Russe scarves from the Comtesse, and you’re a Princess 😉

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