Russian jewelry by Olga Prokopova: VOLHA

Volha russian jewelry russe

volha russian jewelry russe
Just before New Years the fashion guru of Russia Evelina Khromchenko organized a very interesting event in Moscow: bijoubazaar. She is a reference in personal style and especially jewelry, her collection of vintage bijoux is something of a legend in Moscow and beyond.
Evelina Khromchenko
Handpicked by Evelina herself, young Russian jewelry designers presented their pieces to the glamorous and willing to buy audience. I will try to make several posts about the designers that attracted my attention and I shall start with Volha Jewelry.
Volha Jewelry
The brand was not entirely new to me, since Russian It-girls have discovered it long before. Mira Duma and Elena Perminova were spotted more than once sporting Volha necklaces.
Mira Duma wearing Volha
Mira Duma wearing Volha
Elena Perminova wearing Volha
Lena Perminova wearing VOLHA
russian fashion: alexander terekhov and volha necklace
But oddly, i find the creatrice herself is the best model for her pieces. Olga Prokopova is stunning and effortless in Volha:
Olga Prokopova Volha
Olga Prokopova Volha
Olga Prokopova Volha

as usual, thanks for photos:, buro 24/7 and instagram


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2 responses to “Russian jewelry by Olga Prokopova: VOLHA”

  1. Liya says :

    Stunning pieces! Personally I thought the best one was the kimono-like dress.:)

    I wonder how heavy this jewellery is.

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