A la Russe: pre-fall 2013 collection

fashion a la russe russian designer

Can i just say WOW? I am in love with this new collection from Anastasia Romantsova A LA RUSSE. Such a clever use of traditional russian craft – down lace. This is a beautiful interpretation. Very feminine silhouettes, very ‘wintery’ colors. This is a beautiful scarf a la russe reinterpreted in a new way.
russian fashion designer Anastasia Romantsova
fashion a la russe Anastasiya Romantsova A LA RUSSE
Beautiful shawl a la russe becomes a long dress
shawl a la russe
a la russe foulard scarf a la russe as pants
another beautiful dress “a la russe” shawl
shawl a la russe as dress
elegant and feminine skirt for a winter a la russe
winter a la russe shawl as skirt
a la russe dress snowwhite
the a la russe down scarf becomes a gorgeous cardigan
a la russe Anastasia Romantsova
thank you for all pictures alarusse.com


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3 responses to “A la Russe: pre-fall 2013 collection”

  1. stylewaffle says :

    Absolutely beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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