Ulyana Sergeenko Paris Fashion Week: GUESTS!!!

Lena Perminova Ulyana Sergeenko buro 247 english

Lena Perminova at Ulyana Sergeenko Paris Fashion Week show

Ulyana has put a spell on Russian gliterati (yes, i have been watching too much satc lately, hence the word;)
They all came to her Paris Fashion Week show dressed (head to toe in some cases) in Ulyana’s previous collection!

Nataliya Vodyanova

Vera Brezhneva
Lidiya Metelskaya Ulyana Sergeenko
Lidiya Metelskaya

Kseniya Sobchak
Vika Gazinskaya
Vika Gazinskaya wearing Vika Gazinskaya

Margarita Lieva. I particularly love this look.

Katya Mukhina, i should write a post about her at some point. She is one of those new Russian fashionistas who look naturaly stylish.

Evelina Chromchenko. I just love her. Stylish and smart. She never tries to just look pretty. She aims for a story behind the look.

voila, this is what the Russian row at Ulyana’s show looked like. Thank you Buro 247 for the wonderful photos.


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