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Russian beauty: Natalia Vodianova for Numero. Oh, yes, and the photos are by Karl Lagerfeld ;)

natalia vodianova buro 247 numero
What a beauty! Natalia Vodianova is simply gorgeous, a true inspiration and a fairy tale. Buro 247 wrote this morning about her photoshoot for Numero and i rushed to nearest kiosque presse to buy the magazine. She is beautiful. Karl Lagerfeld took the photos that fit so well her fairy tale nature and russian mystery. pictures are better than words so here you go:
natalia vodianova buro 247 lagerfeld numero
buro 247 natalia vodianova numero
natalya vodyanova buro 247 lagerfeld numero
buro 247 natalya vodyanova numero
numero lagerfeld natalia vodianova buro 247
natalia vodianova buro 247
vodianova numero buro 247
natalya vodyanova
natalya vodyanova

as usual, thank you for photos buro 247 and numero 😉


IRFÉ Renaissance!

IRFÉ – Irina and Felix Youssoupoff

Irina and Felix YoussoupoffIrina Youssoupoff

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“A woman doesn’t need a man to buy some jewelry!”

That is the slogan of the new collection from Axenoff Jewelry.

Axenoff Jewelry
Axenoff's collection
Axenoff Jewelry
©AxenoffJewellery Facebook

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New Fashion Face: Anya Ziourova

Anya Ziourova and her “understated, chic, spontaneous” style.

Anya Ziourova

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From space to Earth…

that’s how Andrey Yarden describes his works.

Andrey Yarden

Andrey Yarden

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Buro 24/7 Goes International!

Here they are: crème de la crème russe on the Buro 24/7 celebration!
Buro24/7 Mirela-Forich-Elena-Perminova-Roushka-Bergman-Miroslava-Duma-Olga-Tompson-Uliana-Sergienko-Yasmin Sevell
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