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Meeting Sucre d’Orge…


sucre d'orge paris tying a scarf

Sucre d’Orge, photos by FX Rousselot, scarves by Comtesse Sofia

When I moved here, like the heroes of Midnight in Paris, I was hoping to find a spirit of the decadence and glamour of the 20ies. The first time I actually found it was when I saw Sucre d’Orge was in Carmen. I was mesmerized. And now, I got a chance to meet her and talk a bit about her inspiration.

Sucre d’Orge is a beautiful performer of French burlesque. Her style is refined and teasing. When asked about how she started in burlesque she smiles seductively and talks about her first number: a doll that comes to life. The number was a success and a new star was born. Her signature numbers include “Marie Antoinette” that features a fantastic corset hand-made by a Parisian corsetiere and “Pink Flamingo” with enormous feathered fans.
sucre d'orge marie antoinette
I was also happy to find out that Sucre d’Orge has two Russian numbers that serve as homage to her Russian roots that go back to a great grandfather. We had a little shooting done with my favorite Comtesse Sofia scarves to accentuate the Russian side of this charming Frenchie!
sucre d orge russian scarf and shapka
Sucre d'Orge Comtesse Sofia scarf
Sucre d'orge Lara Zhivago style Comtesse Sofia scarves
Playful and mysterious, Sucre d’Orge is a true artist. She confirms that she is inspired by silent movies and ballet. Very chic, very French, very Parisian. Some call her “Paris best kept secret” but I think I just gave it away!
You can see Sucre d’Orge perform at Rasputin and selected clubs in Paris. Follow her FB page or her blog for info on her upcoming shows.