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Meeting Sucre d’Orge…


sucre d'orge paris tying a scarf

Sucre d’Orge, photos by FX Rousselot, scarves by Comtesse Sofia

When I moved here, like the heroes of Midnight in Paris, I was hoping to find a spirit of the decadence and glamour of the 20ies. The first time I actually found it was when I saw Sucre d’Orge was in Carmen. I was mesmerized. And now, I got a chance to meet her and talk a bit about her inspiration.

Sucre d’Orge is a beautiful performer of French burlesque. Her style is refined and teasing. When asked about how she started in burlesque she smiles seductively and talks about her first number: a doll that comes to life. The number was a success and a new star was born. Her signature numbers include “Marie Antoinette” that features a fantastic corset hand-made by a Parisian corsetiere and “Pink Flamingo” with enormous feathered fans.
sucre d'orge marie antoinette
I was also happy to find out that Sucre d’Orge has two Russian numbers that serve as homage to her Russian roots that go back to a great grandfather. We had a little shooting done with my favorite Comtesse Sofia scarves to accentuate the Russian side of this charming Frenchie!
sucre d orge russian scarf and shapka
Sucre d'Orge Comtesse Sofia scarf
Sucre d'orge Lara Zhivago style Comtesse Sofia scarves
Playful and mysterious, Sucre d’Orge is a true artist. She confirms that she is inspired by silent movies and ballet. Very chic, very French, very Parisian. Some call her “Paris best kept secret” but I think I just gave it away!
You can see Sucre d’Orge perform at Rasputin and selected clubs in Paris. Follow her FB page or her blog for info on her upcoming shows.


A la Russe : presentation in Hotel Crillon, Paris

a la russe paris hotel crillon
I have already posted the latest A la russe collection, that was inspired by Lara of Doctor Zhivago. Beautiful and fragile, very feminine, very lovely. And during fashion week the collection was on show in Hotel Crillon in Paris. Here are some photos of the magic that happened in one of Crillon suites:
Anastasiya Romantsova a la russe
a la russe
a la russe
The guests arrived in Paris and found themselves in an enchanted winter forest
Mira Duma a la russe
Mira Duma
Margarita Lieva
Margarita Lieva
Evelina Khromtchenko
Evelina Khromchenko
Katya Mukhina
Katya Mukhina
Oksana On
Oksana On
and some more beauty. Is it me, or is Anastasiya, the creatrice of the brand, even more beautiful than the models?:)
Anastasiya and models
a la russe
a la russe
a la russe
a la russe
a la russe

Elena Perminova, the Russian girl all designers want to dress;)

elena perminova
Elena (Lena) Perminova is russian model, it-girl and fashionista. She has the perfect model body and perfect sense of style, she wears a lot of clothes by her designer friends: Ulyana Sergeenko, Vika Gazinskaya, Alena Akhmadullina, but also looks fantastic in Dior, Chanel, Giambattista Valli…
Like Mira Duma, she is an instagram addict, so enjoy a compilation of her latest looks for fashion week;)
elena perminova russian model
black and white check!
lena perminova
can never have too many flowers
lena perminova
elegant and romantic
elena perminova
mix and match
elena perminova
flashy prints and uniforms
lena perminova
looks for fashion week

the one and only Mira Duma

I took the liberty to make some collages out of Mira Duma’s looks for recent fashion weeks. Apparently these are the ones that she likes herself, since they are all on her instagram;)mira duma fashion week look instagram
beautiful blue color
mira duma instagram fashion look
playing with stripes
mira duma look
miroslava duma fashion week look
sequins and sparkle
miroslava duma look instagram
mira duma dress by natasha zinko
embroidery and romance. the dress is by Natasha Zinko and i have to do a post on this very talented designer soon!

voila! this was just to admire this adorable young woman, russian fashionista #1, someone who knows how to have fun with her clothes. beautiful, simple, complex and always radiating a sense of ‘niceness’ around her – Mira Duma, ladies and gentlemen!

as usual, thank you for photos Mira Duma’s instagram:)

Russian beauty: Natalia Vodianova for Numero. Oh, yes, and the photos are by Karl Lagerfeld ;)

natalia vodianova buro 247 numero
What a beauty! Natalia Vodianova is simply gorgeous, a true inspiration and a fairy tale. Buro 247 wrote this morning about her photoshoot for Numero and i rushed to nearest kiosque presse to buy the magazine. She is beautiful. Karl Lagerfeld took the photos that fit so well her fairy tale nature and russian mystery. pictures are better than words so here you go:
natalia vodianova buro 247 lagerfeld numero
buro 247 natalia vodianova numero
natalya vodyanova buro 247 lagerfeld numero
buro 247 natalya vodyanova numero
numero lagerfeld natalia vodianova buro 247
natalia vodianova buro 247
vodianova numero buro 247
natalya vodyanova
natalya vodyanova

as usual, thank you for photos buro 247 and numero 😉

Ulyana Sergeenko Paris Fashion Week: GUESTS!!!

Lena Perminova Ulyana Sergeenko buro 247 english

Lena Perminova at Ulyana Sergeenko Paris Fashion Week show Read More…

Axenoff Jewelry new shoot

Piotr Axenoff Russian Jewelry Designer Paris
A new gorgeous shoot for Axenoff Jewelry. The velvet of Moscow night is a perfect backdrop for the icy shining of Russian diamonds. I can say that the Karenin order brooch may be a tad too much for the European clients, but the earrings, oh, the earrings…

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Buro 247 photos from Ulyana Sergeenko show SS 2013 Paris Fashion Week

Hooraaaay! The always efficient Buro 247 already posted the pics from Ulyana Sergeenko’s haute couture show!

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