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the one and only Mira Duma

I took the liberty to make some collages out of Mira Duma’s looks for recent fashion weeks. Apparently these are the ones that she likes herself, since they are all on her instagram;)mira duma fashion week look instagram
beautiful blue color
mira duma instagram fashion look
playing with stripes
mira duma look
miroslava duma fashion week look
sequins and sparkle
miroslava duma look instagram
mira duma dress by natasha zinko
embroidery and romance. the dress is by Natasha Zinko and i have to do a post on this very talented designer soon!

voila! this was just to admire this adorable young woman, russian fashionista #1, someone who knows how to have fun with her clothes. beautiful, simple, complex and always radiating a sense of ‘niceness’ around her – Mira Duma, ladies and gentlemen!

as usual, thank you for photos Mira Duma’s instagram:)


Spring scarves and summer shawls

spring square scarf comtesse sofia
I think everyone is a “bit” sick of the cold… Paris has seen it all this winter: rain, snow, Seine flooding, more rain and more snow! so i am more than ready for spring now! but spring does not always come with an instant temperature increase. This is why i am in love with the new collection of Comtesse Sofia spring scarves and summer shawls.
square scarf comtesse sofia
I also love the new campaign – a beautiful countess who finds herself in a bohemian artist’s workshop… romance and love is in the air – as it should be in spring!
russian scarf comtesse sofia a la russe
headscarf comtesse sofia summer shawl
square scarf babushka style comtesse sofia paris
comtesse sofia new collection
thank you for photos comtesse sofia website
if you are looking for ideas on how to tie your new scarf check it out here or here

Ulyana Sergeenko Paris Fashion Week: GUESTS!!!

Lena Perminova Ulyana Sergeenko buro 247 english

Lena Perminova at Ulyana Sergeenko Paris Fashion Week show Read More…

Liliya Pustovit: Spring-Summer 2013 Lookbook

pustovit 2013 mode ukrainian fashion week
I often speak about the fashion scene in Russia, but here is a Ukrainian name for you.

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Axenoff Jewelry new shoot

Piotr Axenoff Russian Jewelry Designer Paris
A new gorgeous shoot for Axenoff Jewelry. The velvet of Moscow night is a perfect backdrop for the icy shining of Russian diamonds. I can say that the Karenin order brooch may be a tad too much for the European clients, but the earrings, oh, the earrings…

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Buro 247 photos from Ulyana Sergeenko show SS 2013 Paris Fashion Week

Hooraaaay! The always efficient Buro 247 already posted the pics from Ulyana Sergeenko’s haute couture show!

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Alena Akhmadullina, the russian fashion that lasts

Alena Akhmadullina designer
Alena Akhmadullina was one of the first designers who made a name for themselves in Europe/US. Here is a look at her new collection. Signature long skirts and flowing silhuettes. Me likey:

red dress akhmadullina summer 2013
alena akhmadullina ss13

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