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Ulyana Sergeenko Paris Fashion Week: GUESTS!!!

Lena Perminova Ulyana Sergeenko buro 247 english

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post-Fashion week: Buro 247 Mira Duma and Ulyana Sergeenko celebrating!

mira duma buro 24/7 buro 247

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Buro 247 photos from Ulyana Sergeenko show SS 2013 Paris Fashion Week

Hooraaaay! The always efficient Buro 247 already posted the pics from Ulyana Sergeenko’s haute couture show!

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Instagrammers from Ulyana Sergeenko haute couture show 2013 at Paris Fashion Week!

ulyana Sergeenko Paris 2013
ulyana pfw 2013
I just quickly wanted to give you a preview of what next summer will look like according to the latest Parisian sweetheart from Moscow – Ulyana Sergeenko. The Instagram changed the world and we can almost see everything live now.

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Let’s dance!…

Following the annual famous “Bal à Hôtel de Crillon”, Paris Tatler launched this tradition in Moscow.
For the second time Russian “beau monde” get together to celebrate and support debutants.
There’re 12 of them this time: daughters of Russian prominent families.

Debutants Tatler 2012 Moscow
Debutants Tatler 2012 Moscow

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New Fashion Face: Anya Ziourova

Anya Ziourova and her “understated, chic, spontaneous” style.

Anya Ziourova

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Getting cold here, scarves for everyone!

As the autumn wind from Seine is getting more and more vicious i reach out for my favorite scarf

russian scarf red
comtesse sofia

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Poupée russe – Ulyana Sergienko

Clip-clop clip-clop…
Russian «poupée» is walking on Paris fashion week!

Ulyana Sergienko Paris Fashion week 2012

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Buro 24/7 Goes International!

Here they are: crème de la crème russe on the Buro 24/7 celebration!
Buro24/7 Mirela-Forich-Elena-Perminova-Roushka-Bergman-Miroslava-Duma-Olga-Tompson-Uliana-Sergienko-Yasmin Sevell
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